Min Zhuang



FacultyEnhanced Digital Learning Initiative

Post-Doc/Research Associate


Min Zhuang is a research associate at EDLI with a Ph.D. in Educational Foundations from Saint Louis University. Her research interests center on the intersection of diversity and inclusion in education, and she employs qualitative and quantitative methods in her work. Before joining the EDLI in 2023, she worked at Saint Louis University as an adjunct faculty in Mandarin. She also has experience in teaching graduate and undergraduate foundation courses in research, professional ethics, and multicultural issues.


‘¨ Wang, X. X., Cosquer, M., Zhuang, M., Ali, A., Falissard, B., Corruble, E., … & Jousselme, C. (2023). The role of parents’ and friends’ support in preventing suicide attempts among French sexual minority adolescents. Revue d’Épidémiologie et de Santé Publique, 71(3), 101594.

‘¨ Hauwadhanasuk, T., Zhuang, M., Everson, S., Yu, S., & Karnas, M. (2019). School leadership to increase “Inclusive Education” practices around the world, especially in China, Thailand, and Turkey. In Litchka, P. R. (Ed.), Leading schools with unique populations: An international perspective on school leadership (pp.17-35). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Ԭ Hauwadhanasuk, T., Karnas, M., & Zhuang, M. (2018). Inclusive Education Plans and Practices in China, Thailand, and Turkey. Educational Planning, 25(1), 29-48