Rebecca Schuiling
(517) 353-9086

215 Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Building
375 Wilson Rd
East Lansing, MI 48824

FacultyArt, Art History, and Design

Teaching Specialist
Apparel & Textile Design

Curriculum Vitae


Rebecca E. Schuiling is a knitwear designer and an educator. Her research focuses on knit materials as a medium for artistic expression and knitted dress through the lens of popular culture. Her work has been exhibited in Slovenia, she has participated in an in international design workshop in China, and has conducted research in Portugal, France, Italy and Thailand.

Prior to entering academia, Rebecca worked in the apparel industry as a knitwear designer and as a designer for Dillard’s Department Store. Currently, Rebecca is an Academic Specialist in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University.

The focus of Rebecca’s teaching centers on her industry experience, concept, research, experiential learning, the design process, and LdL pedagogies. Rebecca’s current courses at Michigan State University include Explorations in Apparel and Textile Design, Design Studio, Knitwear; and History of Dress and Textiles. Rebecca also taught Basic Apparel Structuring, Structuring Tailored and Couture Garments, Textile Materials, Apparel Pattern Design and Accessory Design. Rebecca is the Internship Coordinator for ATD. She also leads a study away program to New York City.

She presents her knit research at international and national conferences. Rebecca is launching an extensive research project into knitwear throughout the 20th century in popular culture. This research will be presented at research conferences and ultimately result in a book.

Artist Statement

My research seeks to provide insight and understanding into knitted dress through the lens of popular culture, and the artists who use knit as a medium to create art. Handcrafts surface as the focal points in several art movements; however, knitting was only included in scant amounts. My contribution to the discipline is addressing this gap in the knowledge by examining the complex and complicated roles of knit within fashion, art, and society.

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