Anne E. Porter


FacultyWriting, Rhetoric, and Cultures

Assistant Professor – Fixed Term


Anne Porter teaches First Year Writing as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Cultures. Before coming to Michigan State University, she served as the Writing Center Director and Director of Composition at Alma College, and, prior to that, as the Writing Specialist at Providence College. She has taught courses in writing, rhetoric, and first year seminar and enjoys supporting student writers and faculty in the teaching of writing. Anne completed her doctorate in English and Education at the University of Michigan, and her scholarly work has focused on civic writing, agency, assessment, and the ways writing tasks shape subjectivities. Anne also worked in social service organizations and holds masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Comparative Literature.


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Porter, Anne E. “Sponsoring ‘Green’ Subjects: The World Bank’s 2009 Youth Essay Contest.” International Advances in Writing Research: Cultures, Places, Measures. Charles Bazerman et al., eds. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press (2012): 251-266.

Gere, Anne R., Laura Aull, Tim Green, and Anne Porter. “Assessing the Validity of Directed Self-Placement at a Large University.” Assessing Writing 15 (2010): 154-176.