Lucas Nunn
(517) 355-6690


Academic Specialist
Sound Design and Engineering


Lucas Nunn received his BFA in theatre design and technology from Michigan State University, and his MA in broadcast and cinematic arts from Central Michigan University.

Since the early 2000s, Lucas has been performing as an audio engineer and designer in the arts, working in theatres, schools, and venues across Michigan.  His work as a freelance designer has given him opportunities to instruct high school students throughout Ingham County, design for community theatres, university theatres, and work in the Wharton Center.  His engineering work has taken him all over both peninsulas of Michigan and outside the state as well.  Working at smaller venues, Lucas has had the pleasure of running sound for artists such as Chance the Rapper (to a crowd of 150 people) while at festivals he has fallen asleep backstage as Bassnectar played to a crowd of 40,000 (he really needed a nap).

Lucas has recorded live and studio tracks for artists appearing on labels Madlantis Records and Silver Maple Kill Records and has recorded live comedy albums for multiple Lansing comics.  He also has had the chance to work with traditional broadcast formats, working with student run radio and television stations.

Lucas is interested in the effects of music and sound on behavior, and the effects of our acoustic environments on our everyday lives.  He has a lot of plants, whom all have human names, and enjoys making bread.

University News

Assignment to Design Auditorium Lobby Renovation and Major Donor Costume
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