Marohang Limbu

245 Bessey Hall

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Associate Professor


Marohang Limbu is an assistant professor in the department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University.

Limbu is a co-editor of “Emerging Pedagogies in the Networked Knowledge Society: Practices Integrating Social Media and Globalization” (2013), “Digital Rhetoric and Global Literacies: Communication Modes and Digital Practices in the Networked World” (2014), and “Integration of Cloud Technologies in Digitally Networked Classrooms and Learning Communities” (2016) with IGI Global. Limbu is a founder and editor-in-chief of Journal of “Global Literacies, Emerging Pedagogies, and Technologies” (peer-reviewed journal).

Limbu’s current research interests include digital rhetorics and global literacies, global indigenous rhetorics, indigenous pedagogy (in the context of the 21st century), global indigenous rhetorical traditions, South Asian Kirat (Yakthung) rhetorics, cross-cultural/inter-cultural and/or transnational rhetorics, inter-epistemic communications, and cloud- and crowed-based pedagogies, etc.

Research Areas

Kirat Rhetorics, Global Indigenous Rhetorics, Cross-Cultural/Intercultural/Inter-Epistemic Rhetorics, Cloud- and Crowd Pedagogies