Amy Lampe
(517) 355-6691


Academic Specialist – Advising
English; Theatre


Amy Lampe holds a master’s degree in English from Northeastern University in Boston.  She currently advises College of Arts & Letters students studying all the varieties of English, Film, and Theatre.  She can be found running on campus, exploring woodsy trails with her family, taste-testing local coffee shops, and waiting for baseball season to start.  Contact Amy if you need help navigating your way through all the fun that comes with being a real live human being.  To schedule an appointment, please visit:


AL 101 First Year Seminar

UGS 110 People, Places & Purpose

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Philosophy Student Gives New Perspective on the Nature of Marx and Nietzsche
Published May 13, 2022 in College of Arts & Letters
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As a Philosophy major, Izzy Taylor studied how the philosophies of Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche share traits in some areas and how they differ in others. For Taylor, this research began as a…Read now »