Levi Galloway

(517) 884-7072


Academic Specialist
Scenic Technology; Scene Shop Supervisor


Levi Galloway is a traveler and explorer at heart. He has used his various technical theater skills as a means to move from state to state, coast to coast, soaking up as many different experiences as possible. After more than a decade of wandering the countryside, Levi and his dog (Maid Marion) are ready to put the hat up and boots down. Life is epic.

University News

Faculty Voice: What goes on behind the stage
Published November 8, 2023 in College of Arts & Letters
Photo of three people sitting in chairs on a raised floor.
Scene Shop Supervisor Levi Galloway, Technical Director D.J. Selmeyer, and Assistant Technical Director Marc White, from the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University, write about the…Read now »
From Theory to Practice: Scene Shop Hosts Technical Seminar for Students
Published October 20, 2023 in College of Arts & Letters
Before its closing performance, Department of Theatre students had the opportunity to closely examine the incredibly technical set for the production of Clue during an all-day seminar led by three…Read now »