Megan Dean


South Kedzie Hall
368 Farm Ln
East Lansing, MI 48824


Assistant Professor
Feminist Philosophy; Bioethics; Philosophy of Food and Eating; Science and Values

Curriculum Vitae


Megan Dean is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University. She works in Feminist Philosophy, Bioethics, and Science and Values, as well as 20th-century European Philosophy, especially Foucault and Phenomenology. Her current research is in the ethics of food and eating. While most food ethics concentrates on the impact of food production and consumption on human and non-human others, the environment, and health, Dean’s work highlights the importance of the activity of eating itself. Her work has appeared in journals including Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Journal of Medical Ethics, and the Hastings Center Report. She received her PhD in Philosophy from Georgetown University in 2019, and also holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Alberta. Prior to joining MSU, Dean was the Chauncey Truax Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor at Hamilton College.


PHL 344: Ethics of Health Care

PHL 356: Philosophical Aspects of Feminism

PHL 870: Seminar in Philosophy of Health Care – Feminist Bioethics


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