Kate Birdsall


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East Lansing, MI 48824

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Associate Professor
Director of The Cube

Curriculum Vitae


Kate Birdsall is director of The Cube (publishing | process | praxis), an experiential learning initiative that provides real-world large-scale project management, UX, editing, and client relations opportunities for students and is managing editor of The Current, East Lansing’s only student-run arts and culture magazine. She has extensive industry experience, including twenty years of project management experience and over a decade of experience in all facets of communications strategy for nonprofits.

Research Areas

Professional writing; project management; user experience/usability; content strategy; publishing in digital spaces; digital communities; editing; nonprofit communications; rhetoric and labor; multimodal composing; narrative identity; digital audio production


Ph.D., Michigan State University (English), 2014

M.A., The University of Akron, 2009

Research or Academic Affiliations 

Director of The Cube


DH@MSU Core Faculty

Awards and Honors


WRA 101: Writing as Inquiry

WRA 202: Introduction to Professional and Public Writing

WRA 331: Writing in the Public Interest / Nonprofit Communications

WRA 333: Writing in Corporate Contexts

WRA 355: Publication Workshop: Writing for Publications

WRA 453: Grant & Proposal Writing

WRA 455: Senior Portfolio Seminar

WRA 480: Publication Management/The Current

WRA 483: Community Publishing

WRA 491: The Past, Present, & Future of Book Publishing

IAH 208: Punk Rock Politics: Anarchy and Subversion in Youth Culture

IAH 221C: Criminals & Crime Fighters

ENG 210: Foundations of Literary Studies

ENG 226: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENG 290: Independent Study

ENG 353: Readings in Women Writers/Theories of Comedy

ENG 428: Advanced Fiction Writing

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Redefining Experiential Learning in the Humanities: The Cube
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New Minor in Writing Now Offered to Undergraduates
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The Cube Helps Local School District Provide Mental Health Support
Published June 2, 2021 in College of Arts & Letters
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Emily Jenkins Awarded PW Outstanding Major Award
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UURAF First Place Winners Announced
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